Ellie’s Story

So many things race thru my head when I think about that trip in Oct. 2011

One of my favorite times of the day was devotions in the morning, when we were all gathered around the breakfast table.
We took turns being led each day by a different Wannabee.    That was a focal point to help prepare us mentally for whatever the day would bring when we headed out to the orphanages.  One day our van had a flat tire, which turned out to be a new experience like we had never faced before.

I remember at Blossom Garden  seeing those little guys sitting in their bouncy chairs entertaining themselves for hours with some little toy attached to the tray in front of them.  Hours spent making some little bright wheel go around day after day.  I also remember helping in the kitchen making formula using plantains as the main ingredient.  All the cooks were fantastic as they could cook rice and beans in so many different ways.

The trip up the mountain to Westhaven was an experience .  The roads were not the best, with steep hills on both sides, but again it is worth the trip .  The faces of those kids are etched in your brain for a lifetime.  They love to sing and dance and “you will not forget them”.

The big project for that trip was getting a bathroom and shower in the area of the teenage girls  at  Garland Hall.     Bill Boyer was our “Miracle Man”, and made it happen.  Those girls were so happy. Two of us painted that room and the dining area.  There were some challenges along the way but we made it all happen.

There are so many topics in my memory bank, but my 78th birthday was celebrated one evening at dinner.  The chef made it special and cake and candles made it a night to remember with my Wannabee friends.  My best birthday ever.

There are so many things that could be said but just pack your bag and go with two great leaders,(Sharon and Jackie) and experience it for yourself.  Your eyes will be opened and your heart filled.  You also will be “Thankful” you live in the USA and appreciate what you have.

Blessings to all


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